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Learn More About ACE Telehealth

Telehealth is the use of two-way audio/video communications used to provide mental health services, often referred to as telepsychiatry. This type of service does not require travel and may be appropriate for individuals with demanding work or childcare schedules who are interested in receiving behavioral health services. Telehealth may be a more suitable option for those individuals who have been reluctant to look for services using a more traditional healthcare model or would prefer to receive services from the convenience of their home.

ACE strongly encourages that the first therapeutic appointment is conducted in-person in order for the therapist and the individual to begin to develop a therapeutic relationship and complete all required paperwork to initiate services. ACE approves the use of audio only services and video conferencing platforms using Microsoft Teams and Doxy.Me. Both the clinician and the client must agree upon the service option in order to provide services. If at any time, a clinician does not feel that telehealth services are clinically beneficial to the client, a referral for in-person services will be made.